I’ve signed up to Veganuary 2020, so what do I need to know?

Congratulations on taking your first step to a brand new (vegan) you. You’re about to feel healthier and better, knowing that you’re saving animals and the environment everyday. I did Veganuary in 2017, having half-heartedly tried veganism on and off for some time. I don’t know what my light-bulb moment was, but I am so… Continue reading I’ve signed up to Veganuary 2020, so what do I need to know?

A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

As we all know, maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients with a vegan diet is perfectly practicable with a little planning, and this is no different in pregnancy. In fact, last year, the British Dietetic Association confirmed that a vegan diet can be healthy for people of all ages, including during pregnancy. Pregnancy puts any… Continue reading A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

Medication-free Pain Relief

Last year I wrote about finding pain relief that doesn't contain animal products, but as we know, no medication is completely vegan due to animal testing laws. That got me thinking about medication-free pain relief. Whilst I believe that we sometimes have to take medication, I'm a huge advocate treatments that don't rely on pharmaceuticals.… Continue reading Medication-free Pain Relief