Featuring The Vegan Doctor

Past Events/Features

January 16th 2019 I’m a GP who has switched to a vegan diet



January 2019 Holland and Barrett Veganuary Feature


November 27th 2018 The Vegan Doctor’s Guide to Vegan Nutrition

London School of Economics, Vegan Society Meeting


October 6th 2018 The Vegan Doctor’s Guide to Vegan Nutrition

Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Festival


October 2018 Cancer Health Special

PlantBased Magazine, Issue 12


August 18th 2018 The Vegan Doctor – Q&A Session

Raise Vegan Tent, Vegan Camp-Out


June 2018 The Vegan Doctor interview, by Maria Slough

Vegan Life Magazine, Issue 39

Future Events

Navigating the World of Medicine as a Vegan, Brighton Vegfest March 23rd-24th 2019