Welcome to The Vegan Doctor.

I’m a GP, a vegan, and a writer. Not necessarily in that order, but I’m equally passionate about each.

I have been a doctor for almost 10 years, a GP for over 2 years, and a fully committed vegan for just over a year. Before that, I was vegetarian for most of my life, and always had ‘vegan tendencies’ thanks to my parents’ compassionate ways.  In winter of 2016 I decided that I was going to become vegan, made most of the necessary changes, and then Veganuary helped me to commit overnight. I’ve never looked back since.

‘The Vegan Doctor’ blog was born out of a realisation that the vegan community was being let down by a lack of approachability and knowledge of their own doctors. Many were asking for nutrition and medicine advice on vegan Facebook pages, and after finding myself regularly getting involved, I decided to write about various topics that would I thought would help. I’m currently topping up my nutrition knowledge by doing a part-time Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition, and I still work full time as a GP.




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