Help for Sneezing Vegans

As a GP, I have noticed many more people complaining of hay fever this year. There are so many remedies available for this annoying and uncomfortable condition, but as with most tablets, they contain either lactose or gelatine, and believe me, I've checked a lot of them! So how does a vegan hay fever sufferer… Continue reading Help for Sneezing Vegans

Vegan Contraception

I've seen a few queries over the last week about contraceptive options for vegans. So I did a bit of digging and came up with a few ideas. As with any medication, contraceptives will be tested on animals, so not truly vegan. To make matters worse, most contraceptive pills contain lactose. In fact, I couldn't… Continue reading Vegan Contraception

What is Anaemia and how do Vegans avoid it?

There are a few nutrients and deficiencies that seem to cause vegans more concern than others. I covered one biggie, B12, last week, and today I want to write about Anaemia. This describes the state of low haemoglobin levels in the blood. But what is haemaglobin? Haemaglobin, shortened to Hb, is a protein found in… Continue reading What is Anaemia and how do Vegans avoid it?