Introducing The Vegan Doctor

As you might have been able to guess from the name of my blog, I’m a vegan doctor. A vegan GP, in fact. Yes, we do exist!

This blog came from the frustration of reading about my fellow vegans’ plight with modern medicine. When I became vegan, as lots of us do, I joined as many online forums as I could in the hope of gaining the support I needed on my journey. Those daily posts, comments and lovely stories helped me to stick to the lifestyle I had chosen, but what I noticed on an almost daily basis, was that so many people were going to their doctors for advice and walking away disappointed. I want to use my medical knowledge and skills to help both those making the change to veganism, and the doctors looking after them.

I’m in a great position, being able to see the vegan lifestyle from the angle of both the GP and the person making lifestyle changes. To be honest, the changes didn’t feel so enormous for me, as I was brought up on a very meat-limited diet (I can’t quite call it vegetarian) for most of my life, and have dipped in and out of various levels of ‘vegetarianism’ for many years. When I could no longer ignore the little voice inside my head, the one which I ignored every time I ate something animal derived, the only changes I had to make were to cut dairy and eggs from my diet. All meat went some time back. I thought cutting out runny eggs and cheese would be the hardest thing I would ever do, but once you open your eyes to the issues surrounding all aspects of farming, it really isn’t difficult to make these changes.

Now I feel happier and healthier than ever, and as veganism manages to take over my whole life (which is, of course, only a positive thing), it feels like time to include it in my professional life. Many think of medicine as being opposed to the vegan lifestyle, but when so many sources are proclaiming the health benefits of a plant based diet, it seems only sensible that the two can (and should) go hand in hand. Admittedly, we GPs don’t know an awful lot about nutrition in general, let alone the vegan diet (unless you’re lucky enough to have a vegan GP). It’s not an excuse, but I hope it’s an explanation.

So, I’m not planning to add merely another nutrition blog to the thousands that are already out there. Instead, I hope to break down barriers between the medical and vegan worlds, hopefully do a bit of myth busting, and create a harmony between vegans and their doctors. I will cover nutrition from time to time, hopefully answering the big questions you’re often asking on the vegan forums with a scientific approach, and informing you of new or upcoming evidence which could be helpful, either in staying well, or arguing your corner!

I also want to tackle the issue of non-vegan medication. As most vegans will agree, your health is the most important thing, but if there are alternatives medications on the market which are SFV (suitable for vegans), then I hope to dig them out and let you all know. Who knows, we may even be able to campaign for alternatives!

Please read, direct your vegan friends and family, and keep in touch using the contact page. Your questions will help me know what you want me to write about.

Thanks for reading,

The Vegan Doctor

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